K-12 Classical Christian Education

- Est. 2022 -

Christian Education Night 

K-12 Classical Christian Education

Christ the King Academy is thankful to be the first Christian school to bring K-12 classical Christian education to Lewis County. 

If you wish to give your children an Entirely Christian, Thoroughly Classical, and Academically Rigorous education we want to talk with you. 

Visit our enrollment page to find the Family Application

Christ the King Academy Youth Choir

Christ the King Academy was thrilled to host a community youth choir this winter. Our choir director, BJ Kuykendall, taught kids 1st through 12th grade how to sing parts, proper breathing techniques, sight reading music, and a host of other musical skills needed to sing skillfully unto the Lord. Our winter recital was a glorious menagerie of Scripture reading, carol singing, and the youth choir serenading us with nearly a dozen songs culminating in this beautiful rendition of the sung prayer: "Dona nobis pacem" which is Latin for "Give us peace." 

Paula Voetberg is accompanying on piano with nearly 50 singers. #classicaleducation  #SoliDeoGloria

Primary Grades at CKA

We've got the best primary grade students ever! These kiddos learn together, grow together, and love Jesus together every. single. school day. #classicaleducation #ChristIsKing

And we're off!

Behold the inaugural class of Christ the King Academy!

It takes a special kind of courage along with a pioneering spirit to be founding member of Lewis County's first ever Classical Christian School.  

To all the families, teachers, and volunteers of Christ the King Academy who carry the vision for building a thriving local Christendom and bringing all of Christ to all of Lewis County: We salute you!

All of Christ for All of Life for All of Lewis County!

Meet our Headmaster

Andrew Hoy

Headmaster of Christ the King Academy

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Hoy has committed to serve families of Christ the King Academy as Headmaster this Fall! He is eager to help establish the Christ-centered culture of the Academy and has the full support of the Board of Directors. 

The board's top priority was finding a man of high character. Andrew is a man of God and of conviction who meets all the qualifications of an elder. 

Please take a moment to read his bio! 

Location Update!

Our Academy is located at:

2502 Seward Ave.
Centralia WA 98531

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